Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Hot Cocoa on a Stick

Well, a few reasons for making up this recipe.

1. I bought the heart shaped molds for the fruit snacks and really wanted to make sure they did not become as Alton Brown say's "a uni-tasker"
2. The triplets are really into anything they can eat on a stick. Recently I have been putting a stick in their morning yogurt and freezing it and it has been a big hit.
3. The triplets also really like coffee. What?! Let me explain. The only way I have been able to make it through the last 2 years with out falling asleep on the spot has been mommy's little helper: caffeine. So, every morning during breakfast when the kids eat, Mommy has her coffee. Well, the triplets started asking/demanding coffee of their own. So, on occasional morning I make one cup of warm cocoa and split into 3 mugs. They love to have there morning "coffee" with mama.
4. I was looking for cute valentine's day gifts for friends and family
5. I needed something chocolate ASAP.

Hot Chocolate on a stick-

- 8 ounces of chocolate (any kind, I used Lindt 80% cocoa)
- 7 Ounces (half a can) of sweetened condensed milk
- molds or ice cube trays
- sticks
Heat the condensed milk in a saucepan over low heat - do not boil. Add the chocolate and let melt. Stir gently. Take of heat and carefully put into piping bag or spoon into molds. Add sticks.
I put into the fridge overnight to let set. Below is the finished product. They have a kind of matte finish and I would have liked them a bit shinier. Maybe a different kind of chocolate or a heating it over a double boiler would have helped? These tasted great, and melt smoothly into a glass of warm milk. Just need to work on shiny and I will probably try these again because they have been a big hit.
Baby A loved swirling his into warm milk and then eating the melted chocolate. Please note that is frozen yogurt in his other hand not a giant Marshmallow. Although, a Marshmallow on a stick would be a great addition to this recipe, hum, please see my marshmallow post for ideas. Also, please don't call Joan River about my lovely non match sleep-wear. What, you thought I did all this in heels and an apron? ha.
In fact this little guy loved these so much, I even let him have a second one.


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