Saturday, December 3, 2011

Disney safari tee's

I can't believe how soon we leave for Disney World. We have been planning this trip for months, and I wanted to make something special for our trip. This project does require a Cricut machine.  Funny story about my Cricut machine, lets just say lots of night up feeding infant triplets + Cricut infomercial on every night = I own a Cricut Machine.  Anyhow, I have always wanted to use the Cricut to cut fabric and I was impressed at how easy it was.  I used the Disney Cartridge, obviously.  So, obviously the Cricut is an investment, but the rest of the materials for this project we inexpensive.  Including toddler black tees from Hobby Lobby at 2.99 each.

Okay, just iron on a backing to your material  (I used steam-a-steam).  Next put on your Cricut mat, I recommend using a fresh mat that is nice and sticky.

Feed into your machine to cut your Mickeys and iron on.  I added some iron on letter and a bow to Baby "C"'s.  
We plan to wear these on the day we visit Animal Kingdom!

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