Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chicken is a gateway bird

Okay, so apparently everyone but me knew about making a whole chicken in the crockpot. So, sad that I have gone all these years without know this. So, inspired by my chicken in the crock-pot I went a head and made the next logical step.... a turkey. Yes, chicken is clearly a gateway fowl.
So, this was like the easiest recipe ever.

1- bone-in Turkey breast (about 6lbs, so it will fit in the crockpot)
2. 1 Package of onion soup mix

That is it.
Just put the turkey in the crockpot, sprinkle on the soup and set to high for 6-8 hours.

Here Lila is waiting for mommy to carve up the turkey. Please notice how she is coloring in lines, who does that at 27 months old?
Okay, so here is the turkey all carved up. This made a TON of turkey. We are not used to leftovers. I am going to need ideas for left-over turkey.

The juices made delious gravy, yum

The turkey was a hit with the triplets. They keep calling it chicken, but that is okay. Also, corn on the cob was winner. Especially, with baby B
So, any suggestion for the extra Turkey? I know there are lots of recipes for left-over turkey? I have never had to use them, because Uncle Brad is a turkey eating machine and we never have leftover turkey at Thanksgiving :)

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