Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cake-pops are the new cupcakes

Have you heard the news? Cupcakes are like so 5 minutes ago. Cake-pops are all the rage. I actually first saw these on Bakerella website. She has really good directions on how to make these and some super creative ideas. In fact, my Mom ended up seeing her book in Target and buying it for me, yeah. Oh, and also they are now selling 3 different varieties of cake-pops at Starbucks. So needless to say I had to hop on this trend and try making these little gems.

Okay, so make sure you have a lot of time and patience before attempting these. Bakerella suggests making a box cake and crumbling it to make the cake balls. I just did not have thetime to make a cake and wait for it to cool, come on now. So I bought a pre-made birthday cake at the store. I removed about half the frosting and crumbled up the cake and frosting. Btw, the cake I bought said it was chocolate, but was actually yellow cake inside, so sad. But, I just went with it, because I did not want to have to take it back, I wanted to get started. Okay, so I shaped the cake into balls and put on a foiled covered sheet. I think the key here is to keep the balls small so they are not to heavy on the stick.
Next, I put these in the freezer over night, because I was sleepy and figured it would be good to get these firmed up. Today, Baby C and I heated up some chocolate melts and stuck the sticks in. The chocolate helps the sticks adhere to the cakeballs.
Do not turn your back on these for even a moment, or baby C might just grab one.
Okay, so this is the labor intensive part. Dip in chocolate and tap tap tap off the excess. Then sprinkle with any fun jimmies you can find.
Now Bakerella suggests put these babies in styrofoam to harden up. I did not have any styrofoam so I had to get all crafty and come up with this.

Well, this was fun and I hope everyone enjoys them because I am not sure I will be taking the time to make them again soon....... I mean I am sure the ones from Starbucks are just as tasty:)

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  1. These look amazing! We love cake pops but I don't make them nearly enough!