Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pie Pops- Cake Pops simple country cousin

Pie Pops-
After my last post I swore I would never make cake pops again. But, I did want to make something easy for all the little kids that will be at the Indy 500 post race party tomorrow. I love giving the triplets little treats on a stick (less chance for dirty sticky hands). So, pies on a stick it is. I have made this recipe before and there are many variation you can do to jazz these up. With Memorial day being Monday I thought it best to stick (ha ha) with good ol American apple pie.

All you need for these is Pie dough (you can make your own if you like)
Pie Filling (mine was a bit chunky so I cut the apple pieces smaller)
Cinnamon and Sugar
egg white
and some Popsicle sticks
Next you want to roll out your dough. I used a drinking glass to cut out my dough. But you could use a cookie cutter (heart shapes would be fun). Reroll any left-over scraps for maximum dough utilization.

Now, you want to set up your dough pieces with their partners -ravioli making style. Fill one side with your filling. Be careful not to overfill, you do not want leaky pies (alhough, not nearly as bad as a leaky diaper)

Now it is time for the stick. Make sure to put the sticks high enough to prevent the pies from becoming detached (physically, not emotionally) after they bake. Now put your pies together. You can use an extra stick or a fork to seal the edges. Make sure to seal in around the stick. I started with the stick and then switched to the fork because it was much faster. Once they are cooked it is hard to tell which one were sealed with a stick and which ones with the fork.

Put, them on a baking sheet. Brush with a little egg wash and then sprinkle with cinnamin and sugar. Bake at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes.

Yum, can't beat them with a stick.

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