Friday, September 16, 2011

Pimp my ride- toddler edition

Did you know they make spray paint just for plastic? I had no idea, until I went to get additional spray paint for the kitchen chair projects. So I am looking at this spray paint for plastic and my head just starts spinning with ideas and thoughts off all the thing I can do with this. We happen to have,um, a few sad looking plastic toys around here. The triplets love ride on toys, and I have gotten all there ride on toys used.
One, because I like to try to be green (especially when it comes to plastic) but also because I am cheap - no thrifty.

Anyhow, we got our Cosy Coupe from another triplet family that was finished playing with it. It came to us already decorated with stickers and having faded plastic parts. The kids still loved it. But, I figure this spray paint find is an great way to Pimp there Ride (like the M.T.V show).

Last weekend's Michigan football game inspired me to pay homage to my alma mater and "pimp" this out in full Go Blue style.
This photo is pre make-over

Below are the after pics.  I was surprised that this only took about a half a can of spray paint.  We decorated out car with U-M stickers I ordered online.  Between the sticker and paint I spent less than 10 bucks to "pimp" this ride.  The funniest part is when Baby "A" saw it he keep saying "where red car go?".  He actually thinks this is a totally new car.  I have tried explaining that I simply painted it, but he is not having it.  This is his "new car".

So, now I am on the look out for another used Cosy Coupe to paint cream and crimson for daddy's alma mater Indiana University.  And, don't even think of asking -there will be no Ohio State Cosy Coupes in this garage.


  1. I LOVE what you did with that car! So cute and clever!!!

  2. Genius! My kids had that same car...I wish I would have know about the paint then (or actually it probably didn't exist, they are 12 and 11 now). So cute and we used to live in Ann Arbor so i love the Michigan colors :)

  3. I love it! What a great way to personalize a favorite toy! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Great job! I just did a car makeover myself for the Tenn. Titans! I would like to post a pic of your job and a link to your blog if that is ok? I am doing a post on bringing old toys back to life today. Let me know if this not OK ! Thanks

  5. We did the same thing this summer with a car we got free from a neighbor. It had to be at least 10 years old and was so faded it wasn't even red/yellow anymore it was pink!
    Found your site through multiples and more, added it to my RSS. My twins will be 2 next month and we are always open to frugal fun.

  6. I'm about to paint my son's playhouse, and I was wondering how the paint has held up for you so far?
    BTW, we're in Ann Arbor but we're Fighting Illini fans! ;)

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