Friday, September 9, 2011

Heart Shaped Crayons

I have to give credit to Miss Casey, our babysitter, for this one.  After getting out the crayons for the triplets to color, she noticed all the bits and broken crayons.  She had the triplets help peel paper off the crayons.  Surprisingly, they LOVED doing this and it did keep them busy for a little white.  After peeling the crayons she chopped them up and put them in the molds.  You may remember these $1 molds I got at Target and used for DIY fruit snacks and Hot Cocoa on a stick?   Well, again these came in handy.

Next we filled the molds and baked at 250 for about 10 minutes.  Cool and pop them out.  I love the way these look!

Baby C (the Bean) like coloring with them, but not as much as she LOVES her tinker bell stickers.

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