Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ghosts made from Footprints - crafts for $10 or less

I saw this idea for this floating around the internet and thought - I have to try this! Great project for anyone who has lots of little feet running around their house.
In an effort to keep things thrifty, this is going to be the first installment of crafts for $10 or less series.
My inspiration piece for this was done on canvas. In order, to keep this under budget I went with foam board. The nice thing about foam board is you don't have to paint it. The draw back is that it can be difficult to cut. I used a serrated knife and then used some ribbon to "cover" some small imperfections.
You will need:
1 piece of black foam-board 5.99 with 50%off (Michael's coupon) =$ 3.00
Googlie eyes - $.99
White paint pen = $1.99
White WASHABLE paint = $1.99
Ribbon = 1.99 marked down $.99
Letter stickers =$.99
Grand Total =$9.95

 The triplets have been sick the last few days and super cranky.  But, they loved this project.  In fact, they were all smiles for the first time today as mommy painted there little feet and pressed it to the foam board.  Since, I cut the foam board in half, we made 2 of these.  Pictured below is the 1st one.  I find it funny that the first foot on there, the one I thought I messed up because Baby B keep sliding his foot around, looks most ghost like.

Final Note: I was totally impressed by the Crayola Washable Paint, it came off their skin very easily and I was even able to wipe a drop off the foam-board with out it leaving a mark!

Happy Halloween.


  1. This is such a cute idea! And such a fun treasure to bring out at Halloween's to come.

    Thank you for linking this up to my Monster Mash Bash!

  2. that is so cute! I love cute crafts! can't wait til my twins are big enough to actually enjoy them ;)

  3. This is cute! So glad to have found you!