Friday, December 3, 2010

Awesome DIY face mask for less than $1 per application

About once a week, after the triplets are snug in their cribs and the kitchen is at least partially clean, I try to sneak up to my bathroom for a little me spa time. Now, of course being thrifty and trying to use natural products when possible, I am not one for fancy beauty products. So, a few years ago I started making this aspirin mask. It is less than $1 per application and will leave your skin glowing. So, bring out your inner mad scientist and let’s get started.
Why aspirin? Aspirin’s base is acetasalicylic acid, which is chemically like salicylic acid. If you take a look at acne products in the drug store you will notice many list salicylic acid as an ingredient. Cool, right?

***FIRST OFF, my disclaimers: if you are allergic or sensitive to aspirin DO NOT USE THIS. Remember aspirin is a drug.

What you need-

Aspirin – You want to buy the cheapest generic aspirin you can find. You want the kind that is non-coated or enteric-coated is okay too. I have had this same bottle for like 2 years.

Honey- Really any kind of honey is fine. I have been using some local organic honey that I bought at a craft fair.

1) Take four aspirin tablets and place them into a small bowl.

2) Sprinkle water onto the aspirin. Make sure not to use too much water, just sprinkle a few drops on top of each tablet. Wait about 2 minutes. Use your fingers break up the now soft tablets apart.

3) Add about 1 tablespoon of honey to your mixture. Mix it all together (I just use my fingers, no need for more utensils for me to wash)

4) Apply the mixture to your face making sure to avoid getting any into your eyes. Once you have your face entirely covered with the aspirin mask, leave it on for about five minutes or until one of your kids cry.

5) Rinse the formula from your face with cool water. You will find that rubbing the grains of aspirin all over your face seem to have an exfoliating effect.
-Have fun.

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  1. Interesting!! Before I got married, I used to spread Mylanta on my face. Left it soft and smooth, and blemish-free. Not sure why I stopped doing that. (You gotta make sure to rinse it off very well, though, or you look like Casper the friendly ghost.)