Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cookie Dough Truffles A.K.A. Diet Bombs

Okay, I have been eying this recipe as it has been floating around the food blog circuit. So, needing to bring a desert to dinner tomorrow I thought I would finally give it a whirl. I love cookie dough! Seriously, half the reason I bake anything is to eat the dough, and not just cookie dough. I have not got salmonella yet, I just like to live on the edge that way :)
But, I am way more careful about what the triplets eat, so this recipe is a great way for them to try cookie dough without the danger.

It think Annie Eat has the best photos of it, so you can find the recipe HERE.

These are pretty easy to make. But making all the the dough balls was rather time consuming. This recipe made a ton of truffles!

I ended up dipping half of them in wilton chocolate melts and half of them in melted chocolate chips. The lighter truffles are coated with the wilton melts, and turned out much smoother. Also, I was WAY more tired when I did the chocolate chips ones and that might have had an impact.

These did turned out really yummy, but almost a little too sweet. I might use less condensed milk if I make them again. These are really good but a bit too time consuming to make. Might wait until the kids are in college to take the time to make these again.

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