Monday, December 20, 2010

Making Marshmellows - from scratch

When I told my Mom I was going to make marshmallows from scratch she said "you know you can get marshmallows at the store for like a dollar". Ha, very true. But I have this odd fascination in making things from scratch that we usually buy at the store. Their is just something neat about making your own bread, ice cream, or butter. Plus, this way I know what actually goes into my food. I always wondered how marshmallows where made. So I did a little research-found a recipe that sounded good. Turns out it is basically the same recipe that Alton Brown has, which can be found here.
I was a bit nervous to work with the hot- BOILING sugar. This is not a recipe to make with the little ones around.. So, with the triplets snug in their cribs, I got started..... I made sure to be extra careful because I am pretty sure this stuff would have similar to properties to napalm if gotten on skin. Also, I did not take any pics of this stage. I figured boiling sugar + iPhone = disasters.

So here is the mixture safe and sound in the kitchen-aide mixer about 5 minutes into mixing.

They whipped up really nicely. I actually made these twice. The 1st time I added way too much vanilla. Also, the picture below is from the 1st try. I had a difficult time cutting these into even pieces.

So, for the 2nd try I had this brilliant idea to use my mini-muffin pan as a mold. I filled up the mini pans using a piping bag and then piped the extra onto a baking sheet to make mini marshmallows per Alton Browns suggestion.

I coated the muffin tins with a touch of cooking spray and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. I lightly greased the cookie sheet for the mini marshmallows. See, how easy they came off.
Next, I took my kitchen scissors and snipped them into mini marshmallow size, making sure to coat them with powdered sugar as I went.

Lastly, I felt the ones from the muffin tins need a little extra dressing up for Christmas. So, I dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled them with peppermint bits. YUM

The second batch of these came out wonderful. They would make great gifts. I plan on enjoy them with a cup of dark hot chocolate, perfect for a snowy December night.


  1. Abby, not only where do you find the time, but where do you find the ENERGY??? :) :) These look delish, and great idea to use the mini muffin pan/piping bag!

  2. Love it! I too have an obsession w/ making everything homemade - from scratch. It's so much more tasty eating homemade bagels, pizzas, breads, and everything else. I can't stand the flavor of pre-packaged foods. This is one I haven't tried. They look great.
    I love your blog. I try to be thrifty as well because it means I can be at home with my kids.
    Suzanne (wirthlin) paylor